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Emma Frost in Avengers vs X-men #006

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#Ofc they may renew with modest
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#but azoff seems like the way to go
#i disagree with them lacking legitimacy until this point
#it IS true in a way
#but ive seen the band building up their already growing legitimacy
#vma 2013 shitboos aside
#these boys are respected and admired in the industry
#and it'll grow even more if they sign with azoff

I think I’ve changed my mind… I’m starting to agree that they’re about to sign with Irving Azoff (or have already signed and are in a transitional period)


Alright, so I know I’ve been quiet this week, but I wanted to take a step back from things and maybe revise a few of my opinions on this whole situation. I’ve said a few times that I think it’s possible or even likely that they would renew a contract with Modest, if only because One Direction have got a lot of sway right now.

I don’t think I agree with myself on that anymore.

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im speechless honestly


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St. Louis, MO. August 27, 2014

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Anonymous asked: IF H & L are truly gay and together (which I don't think they are) they would still have to remain closeted. Their fan base is still made up of thousands of young girl who dream of marrying these boys. Why would any management team risk a client losing 90% of the fan base?


Because they’re trying to shed that fanbase anyway. They need (and by all appearances, want) to ditch the young fans in favour of an older, more permanent fanbase. As I’ve said before, the kids will make you loads of money at the start, but adults are the ones who are going to make sure you stick around.

They may remain closeted for a while yet for business and financial reasons, but I’d almost say it’s inevitable that their closet will loosen in severity if a switch is made. From what I gather about how things were this time last year, I’d say it already has loosened a great deal.

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about the different ways of Harry&Louis currently taking a stand against the closeting situation? They have 2 entirely different approaches: Harry is very "in your face", while Louis is more subtle. Do you think there is the possibility that they will not come out together since they almost seem in different phases of coming out at times? In terms of coming out Harry&Louis are often regarded as a package deal. Do you think so as well? Do you think Harry is doing this for THEM?


They have two entirely different approaches because they have two entirely different closets. Harry has more wiggle room, so he’s louder about it. Louis’ much more restricted, so he has to do it in smaller ways. But he is doing it. He’s undermining his relationship with Eleanor every chance he gets, for starters.

But, no, I think it’s very unlikely that they’d ever come out separately. If they did that, Harry (who people always think will be the first one out when this idea is brought up) would essentially still be in the closet. He could say “Hello, world, I’m gay. Out and proud!” but he’d still be hiding one of the biggest parts of his life — his relationship. He’d wind up linked to an endless parade of men rather than women, and the same cycle would continue.

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Anonymous asked: You said earlier that if Modest is on their way out, then "each party is basically doing just enough to avoid being sued by the other." If that's actually the case, what does that actually mean?Sorry, I'm not super clear on how it all works.


(For people who didn’t see the ask that this is referring to, I was talking about the fact that there are really two probable possibilities of what’s going on right now in terms of how they’re currently being managed by Modest, one being that they’re reaching the very end of a contract and have made it clear that they won’t be continuing it.)

That basically means that, on Modest’s part, they’re managing the band to the extent that they can’t be sued for negligence, but they’re not putting any extra effort into them beyond what basically amounts to the bare minimum. On One Direction’s side, it means that they’re playing along with the company line, but only to the extent that they contractually have to. For example, Harry probably can’t explicitly say “I’m gay” but he’s found some sort of loophole or weak spot that allows him to tweet the things he’s been tweeting and do the things he’s been doing.

In general, it means that neither party seems all that concerned about how the other feels towards them in the long term. It looks as though they’re just biding time until they can part ways without getting involved in a lawsuit.

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Anonymous asked: And btw, my ask about the drama between Azoff and the boys is not about the dating rumors, I just don't know who Azoff is and why Harry's been seen with him.. Is he their new management deal or something? Is he a good dude?


Irving Azoff is very very powerful and apparently not shy to wield that power.

Industry people call him the poison dwarf because he’s short and will take you down if you cross him, but apparently his clients love him. He’s notorious for going hard for the people he represents.

The line between good dude and bad dude is all a matter of opinion when you’re talking about kings of industry. 

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Anonymous asked: i hate seeing ppl talk about how "brave" it is for harry to wear that jersey onstage. how about you all stop theorizing and making up gay fantasies and actually support someone who's ACTUALLY GAY AND OUT.


Acknowledging the courage it takes for one person to take a stand does not diminish the courage it takes for another to be himself.

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Anonymous asked: This is all so unexpected. Some months ago we'd say that they'd come out when 1d's over because they can't. We'd say they'd stay with modest. We wouldn't think about a rebranding, no way. Everything has changed in the last two weeks. It's a bit weird. Do you really really think that it's a possibility?? All the rebranding, leaving modest, coming out etc before otrat??? It was weeks ago we didn't think this way. I want to believe this, I truly do, but I don't wanna have high hopes.


That’s the thing — When things change, they change fast. Publicists can spend upwards of a year planning out every little detail of a move like that, but when they actually execute the plan, everything falls into place within a few weeks or months.

I’m just speculating, basing things on my own experience, and I’ve not been around long enough to know their traditional patterns, so this may well just be more of the same. Something could force them back into line tomorrow for all I know. But right now, to me, it looks like things are changing.

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St Louis - 8/27

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Lexy and I realized around 30 seconds in that Harry is wearing the Michael Sam jersey.  After that, I was so excited I forgot I was recording, so we missed him giving us the thumbs up and it is mostly shots of my watch. There is some fairly nice footage of Louis and Harry standing together at the beginning though, and we think maybe Harry was looking into the crowd for our sign when he came out onto the catwalk. We didn’t hold it up until after we saw the name on the jersey, and obviously we’ll never know for sure. 

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